About Us

In January 1952, David Meyerowitz, Aubrey Silke and Erwin Spiro, sensing the need for a monthly journal dedicated to tax law and practice, published the first issue of The Taxpayer. This was the first publication of its kind in South Africa, and it achieved considerable success from the outset. Since then not a month has gone by without its fiscal counterpart, The Taxpayer.

When Meyerowitz – the last of the founding editors – handed over editorial control at the end of 2008, Dennis Davis and Trevor Emslie had been co-editors of The Taxpayer for more than 20 years. They invited Peter Dachs and Joe van Dorsten to join them, and this team, with assistant-editor Clare Emslie, strives to uphold the standards set by the legends that preceded them.

Although The Taxpayer remains the backbone of our enterprise, additional publications are set out elsewhere on this website, and we hope to add more. 

What has changed considerably over the years is the technology of publishing. Subscribers to the print edition of The Taxpayer automatically obtain one free iPad subscription, which is typically available well in advance of its printed counterpart, and at present this includes access to all issues since January 2012. Additional iPad subscriptions are available at approximately 20 per cent of the cost of a subscription to the print edition.

Although iPad technology was undreamed of when Meyerowitz, Silke and Spiro started The Taxpayer in 1952, their rigour and their enthusiasm remain inspirational, and we aspire monthly to the standards set by them.