Index to The Taxpayer 1952 to 2021

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The Taxpayer, started in January 1952 by Meyerowitz, Silke and Spiro, has now completed its seventieth year of publication. The resulting body of research, analysis and insight, unrivalled in South Africa, is readily accessible via our new Index, which contains three sections: an alphabetical index, a chronological index, and an index to external contributors of articles.

The Index contains references to many gems of analysis that are as current today as they were when written. Certain other material is, of course, dated because the fiscal context has changed, but good analysis can always be applied mutatis mutandis and the way of thinking does not change.

The purpose of the Index is decidedly not nostalgia about the past. It is to provide easy access to analysis and argument that can be used today. We already view it as an essential tool of the trade.

Users of the Index who do not have access to the relevant volume of The Taxpayer can obtain a copy of what they need from (A nominal fee will be charged for this service.)

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